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BellHawk Real-Time Materials Tracking and Traceability Software

materials transformartion

The BellHawk software tracks the receipt and put-away of raw materials, their transformation into intermediate and then finished products, and the picking, packing and shipping of those products to customers. This includes using license-plate tracking methods to track raw, intermediate, and finished materials and work-in-process as well as materials in field locations, such as construction sites.

BellHawk is used by biotechnology, food, beverage, supplement, veterinary, and pharmaceutical materials processors, as well as manufacturers of medical devices, equipment, and supplies to track and trace the transformation of raw materials into finished products.

BellHawk enables these FDA regulated organizations to comply with FDA and other product safety requirements without drowning in paperwork.

BellHawk does this by replacing the use of paper forms and manual keyboard data entry with automated data capture using technologies such as barcode scanning and mobile computing.

The automation of data capture enables the prevention of data collection and operational mistakes by providing point-of action warnings when users are about to make a mistake, such as using the wrong materials or materials that have not passed quality inspection.

Some of the capabilities of BellHawk include:

BellHawk Online is compliant with CFR 21 Part 11 to enable FDA cGMP validation in medical device and supplies manufacturing, repackaging, and repair applications.

BellHawk is available at an affordable cost on a subscription basis, in the Cloud, through BellHawk Online making it especially suitable for suitable for smaller biotechnology organizations and laboratories. It is also available on a rental basis for installation in a larger organization's own data center.

Please click here for more information about how BellHawk can ensure Compliance with FDA Data Collection Requirements.